On October 13, 2017 I drove out to Barbara's residence in Chicago Heights.  I asked how she
was feeling, to which she replied "not well at all."  I held up a copy of the catalog from the
"Soul of a Nation" exhibit at the Tate Modern in London.  She took it, looked it over, and
after a brief conversation said that she would have to read it.  I told her I would be back
when she felt better so we could discuss it.  On November 14, Sherman Beck called to tell me
that she had passed away that morning.  I'm sure Barbara left knowing that she had made a
great contribution to humanity through her teaching and in her artwork that will speak to
viewers for generations.  On January 10, 2018 a memorial for Barbara was held at the
Southside Community Art Center.  A large gathering of friends and associates gathered
there were warmly greeted by her family members.  

The following day a retrospective of her work, for which she had been involved in planning,
was opened to a huge crowd in the DePaul University Museum of Art.