Howard Mallory
1930 - 2012
"I seek to do the best with my abilities.  I  seek to be a positive force with Black
people.  I'm a spoke in the wheel, which grinds away at the oppressive forces
which are against Black people.
We are the richest Black people in the World, but so long as one nigger, Black or
colored person is enslaved in mind or body, we with all the affluence and fat
pockets will also be enslaved.  We are tied to each other and will be responsible
for the suffering.  Our responsibility is in giving personal direction toward total

Malcolm said, "by any means necessary," to me this means - art, pen, gun or
labor of any kind.  Too often the Black artist thinks only in terms of his art to
truly express his intent.  These influences are the desire, as Black people, to be
free of force.  I think that for me the creative process goes beyond clay, it takes
many other forms, and I generally follow the dictates of the spirit that moves

My political philosophy is:  BLACK COMMUNALISM ONE MIND ONE BODY."

Howard Mallory